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RetroAfric reissues long lost treasures of African Pop

RetroAfric's latest release Senegambian Sensation (RETRO17CD) fills a gap in the history of West African pop. The Gambian band Super Eagles were pioneers of African popular music at the end of the 1960s, delivering a progressive blend of afrocuban, pop, soul, bluebeat, Congolese rumba, highlife and ndagga music. Their use of electronic equipment to express the Wolof lyrics & rhythms of original compositions laid the foundation for mbalax, which was popularised a decade later by Youssou N'Dour.


During their five-year existence, the Super Eagles became one of West Africa's best travelled bands and pan-African music heroes. They were the top band in Senegal before that country had a music business and were true pop stars in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Togo. They toured in UK, France and Germany. This album collects almost all the recordings they ever released, including the original version of Mandal Ly, recently revived by Africando who turned it into an Emmy-winning worldwide hit. The 15 other tracks on this album are just as enticing.

lMembers of Super Eagles, Badou Jobe and Paps Touray went on to form Ifang Bondi, the Holland based roots band. Still under the leadership of Jobe (and his arrangements) Ifang Bondi visited London in early November. What a band, what a set. This album RETRO17CD shows where they are coming from.

Good old Verckys

Our previous release Vintage Verckys has received a decent fist of very favourable reviews, which is thoroughly gratifying although not surprising. However, one reviewer remarked that Verckys was long forgotten – whaat? We can hazard a guess that this chap is too young to have experienced the full out frenzy which greeted his every release. Several generations of melomains and melomaines have expressed their delight at this collection (RETRO15CD). May it continue to sell in its thousands.


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