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Gaby Lita Bembo and Orchestre Stukas du Zaïre
Kita Mata ABC (RETRO18CD)  

Lita Bembo – the great showman of Congo-Zaïrean music – was one of the most inspirational musicians of the 'new generation' that stormed Kinshasa in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band Stukas du Zaïre. His unique blend of impassioned Ekonda vocal styles and frenetic guitar patterns turned his compositions into instant hits, while his eccentric stage antics and innovative dance routines endeared him to young and old alike. The music, like the man, remains larger than life.



Gaby Lita Bembo and Orchestre Stukas du Zaïre
'Kita Mata ABC

  1. Samba
  2. Idee Kono
  3. Toto Seya 1
  4. Toto Seya 2
  5. Lobelia
  6. Presidents 1
  7. Presidents 2
  8. Odeyo 1
  9. Odeyo 2



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