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Fundi Konde KENYA
'Retrospective Vol 1 (1947-56)' (RETRO8CD)  
East Africa's first electric guitarist.

'A sparkling performer' Folk Roots

'Hugely influential East African guitar music of the 40s and 50s. He's a kind of Swahili S.E. Rogie and this well-recorded set will please those interested in the development of the East African sound' Tradewind

Fundi Konde is one of the pioneers of African popular music. He played the first electric guitar in East Africa and his name is known throughout the region for his fusion of rumba with local rhythms, such as the sengenya, and Swahili lyrics. During World War 2, Konde entertained Eats African troops in Ceylon and India. Back home he acquired his first electric guitar and made some of the first recordings in East Africa, launching a string of hits, including Jambo Sigara, Majengo Siendi Tena, Mama Sowera and Kipenzi Waniua Ua. Konde retired from the scene in 1963 but his songs stayed in the public's mind thanks to continued radio play. In the early 1980s, at the age of 60, he relaunched his career as a freelance singer/composer/producer/engineer. This collection features some of his classic compositions recorded in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam between 1947 and 1956.

Fundi Konde 'Retrospective Vol 1 (1947-56)' (RETRO8CD)

  1. Jambo Sigara (3.57)
  2. Gari La Punda (3.58)
  3. Fundi Ni Yatima (2.28)
  4. Kipenzi Wanuia Ua (2.39)
  5. Mazowea (2.24)
  6. Tausi Ndege Wangu (2.31)
  7. Ndege Wote Wameruka (2.49)
  8. Kipenzi Tukae Wawili (2.41)
  9. Nalitupa Teke (2.29)
  10. Mama Sowera (3.01)
  11. Olivia Leo (3.02)
  12. Chura We (2.36)
  13. Wandamu Sio Wemo (2.45)
  14. Josephine Wa Maringo (2.28)
  15. Majengo Siendi Tena (3.12)
  16. Elina Ni Wako (2.34)
  17. Ajali Haikingiki (3.59)



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