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Mose Se 'Fan Fan' Dem.Rep.Congo
'Belle Epoque' (RETRO7CD)  
Hot 1970s cuts from the guitar hero.
'RetroAfric scores again with a collection of rare tracks by one of Africa's leading guitarists...Catchy melodies, dancing high-hat cymbals, brassy punctuation and long, stinging guitar jams. The roots of pan-African pop.' Wired (USA)

'Fan Fan's guitar shouts quality' Tradewind

Kinshasa 1970 - dar Es Salaam 1979 - Nairobi 1982 The 'Intrepid' Fan Fan is one of Congo-Zaire's leading guitarists, who came to prominence with Franco's OK Jazz. In 1970, Fan Fan and OK Jazz sax player Dele Pedro did some nzonzing (freelance sessions) and recorded the first two songs on this collection. Two years later he cut out to seek his fortune elsewhere, forming Somo Somo. He later travelled east, to Zambia and Tanzania, where he recorded several successful singles before moving to Kenya where he founded another version of Somo Somo. The final track on this album is the Kenyan version of his own theme song. The first volume of Fan Fan's greatest hits will be a welcome souvenir for those who recall the Belle epoque of Lingala rumba.

Mose Se 'Fan Fan' 'Belle Epoque' (RETRO7CD)

  1. Julie la Petite (4.35)
  2. Serge (4.35)
  3. Ciska (4.35)
  4. Molema (4.35)
  5. Venbus (4.35)
  6. Chama Cha Mapinduzi (4.35)
  7. Pele Odidja (4.35)
  8. Amba (4.35)
  9. Jolie Africa (4.35)
  10. Suki Pembe Somo Somo (4.35)




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