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Henri Bowane Zaire
'Double Take - Tala Kaka' (RETRO6CD)  
1950s Congo hits reprised in the '70s.

Sessions recorded in Ghana by Franco's original bandleader. A seminal figure. 'An impressive shock on first hearing - not just an historical reference, this disc is fun' Tradewind

Henri Bowane was a crucial figure in the development of Congo rumba. He was one of the first generation singer/guitarists to record in Kinshasa (then Leopoldville) during the early 1950s. As resident bandleader and arranger at Loningisa studios, Bowane was the first professional boss and mentor of the legendary Franco. In those early days, however, Bowane was the star, releasing dozens of hit 78rpms. In 1960 Bowane left Congo as founder/manager of Ry-Co Jazz, who introduced Congo rumba to West Africa. He settled in the region and in the mid-1970s he recorded this his only album in Ghana. The repertoire contains some of his early hits including Marie-Louise and Natali Nato, which were already 'retro' items, and more recent songs such as Fou-Nous-La-Paix. There is also a curiosity number Wabon'kum Blues, performed by Zaiko Langa Langa under Bowane's direction. The rhythms and inflections range from rumba and cavacha through highlife to calypso and soul/blues.

Henri Bowane 'Double Take - Tala Kaka' (RETRO6CD)

  1. Sam Ba No (7.14)
  2. Cherie Natou (5.04)
  3. Natali Nato (6.04)
  4. Fous-Nous-La-Paix (6.29)
  5. Monoko Ya Mboka (5.48)
  6. Marie Louise (6.29)
  7. Wabon'kum Blues (4.12)



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