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Alick Nkhata KENYA
'Shalapo' (RETRO4CD)  
Love songs and other 1950s hits.
'The 17 tunes radiate a naive charm wholly their own, with soothing vocal harmonies and prominent guitar or piano accompaniment' ETNA

'A true original. Retro have done it again' Tradewind

The songs on this collection from Alick Nkhata were recorded in the 1950s in Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia). They comprise about one quarter of his recorded musicial legacy and as such are representative of Alick's output, varying from simple songs where he accompanies himself on acoustic guitar to duets with Dick Sapseid on piano or Shadrack Sako on guitar to more elaborate arrangements with a quartet or with the Luska Radio Band. These are songs which amused, enteratined and educated an entire generation of Zambians in the 1950s.

Alick Nkhata 'Shalapo' (RETRO4CD)

  1. Shalapo (2.59)
  2. Taxi Driver (2.58)
  3. Kalindawalo Ni Mfuma (3.06)
  4. Ymphawi Uli Ndiine (2.07)
  5. Maggie /a (2.23)
  6. Maggie /b (2.37)
  7. Maliya (2.14)
  8. Icupo (2.42)
  9. Chisoni (2.45)
  10. Nalikwebele Sonka (2.25)
  11. Chiperoni (2.43)
  12. Balelila Pendeka (2.35)
  13. MaYo Na Bwalya (2.21)
  14. Mwanashenda (2.55)
  15. Ifilamba (2.49)
  16. Abalumendo Bamo (2.14)
  17. Uluse Lwalile Nkwale (3.00)



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