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E.T. Mensah GHANA
'Day By Day' {CATNO}  
More wonderful 1960s tracks from the King Of Highlife.

'Reminisce on good old African independence days' West Africa'A splendid follow up' Tradewind

'Pleasant and compelling listening' ETNA

RetroAfric's second collection of classic highlife cuts by ET Mensah and the Tempos Dance Band opens with one of his biggest hits. Drawn from the late 1950s and 1960s, this selection traces the evolution of the Tempos' sound with several songs marking key political developments such as Independence and the formation of the Ghana-Guinea-Mali union. The Tempos demonstrate their mastery of various styles including a 'Congo' type number, a cara cara, several calypsos and of course plenty of highlife.

During the 1960s the Tempos underwent many changes in personnel as musicians moved on to form their own bands and ET was grooming a whole new generation of musicians. This is sweet fruity music from the heyday of highlife by a true master.

E.T. Mensah 'Day By Day' (RETRO3CD)

  1. Day ByDay (2.42)
  2. 205 (3.00)
  3. Onipa (2.39)
  4. Gbaa Anokwale (2.43)
  5. Abeel (2.50)
  6. Odo Anigyina (2.40)
  7. Damfo Wo Eni Ewu (2.58)
  8. Ghana Freedom (2.36)
  9. Kaa No Wa (3.35)
  10. Senorita (3.05)
  11. Daavi Loloto (3.24)
  12. 1914 (2.52)
  13. Medzi Medzi (2.51)
  14. Ghana-Guinea-Mali (2.42)
  15. Mee Bei Obaba (3.30)



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