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Franco & OK Jazz D.Rep.Congo
'Originalité' (RETRO2XCD)  
The first 1956 sessions of this legendary band. Remastered and with four great previously unavailable tracks.

'Witty, fluid and direct, this collection provides fascinating background for students of the modern African beat, not to mention much delicate pleasure in its own right' The Independent'

'Franco's innovations electrified all of Central and East Africa' NME


Of all the fabled dance bands in Africa' OK Jazz stand out for the quality of music' the quantity of output and their pan-African influence. Led by the legendary guitarist' singer and composer Franco Luambo Makiadi' the band were pre-eminent in Africa for over 30 years' linking the first generation of Congo rumba with the later exuberance of Zairean soukous.From their roots as a small collective of hot-shot session players' OK Jazz evolved into a massive organisation and Franco' s personal reputation was never equalled. Throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s OK Jazz was the yardstick for African dance music And this is where it all started.

Franco & OK Jazz 'Originalité' (RETRO2XCD)

  1. On Entre OK On Sort KO [Franco] 2'56
  2. La Fiesta [Franco] 3'04
  3. Pasi Ya Boloko [Pandi] 3'01
  4. Nini Cherie [Pandi] 3'01
  5. Na Bosani Yo Te [Vicky] 3'00
  6. Mado Ya Sango [Vicky] 3'04
  7. Lina [Essous] 3'09
  8. Se Pamba [Essous] 3'02
  9. Merengue [Franco] 3'05
  10. Botika Tembe [Franco] 3'04
  11. Mabe Nde Kolimwa [Edo] 3'26
  12. Eponi Banganga [Edo] 3'01
  13. Tondimi La Mode [Edo] 3'09
  14. Azali Mwasi Baponeli Ngai [Edo] 2'58
  15. Tango Ekoki Nabatela Mwana [Franco] 2'59
  16. Mosala Ekomi Mpasi-Embonga [Franco] 3'06
  17. Tcha Tcha Tcha De Mi Amor [Brazzos] 3'08
  18. Tcha Tcha Tcha Modero [De la Lune] 3'04
  19. Ah Bolingo Pasi [Vicky] 3'04
  20. Motindo Na Yo te [Franco] 3'08



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