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E.T. Mensah & The Tempos Ghana
'All For You' (RETRO1XCD)  
Classic 1950s recordings from the King of Highlife. Newly re-issued.

'ET and The Tempos' style was THE music of the day and this record illustrates why' Musical Traditions 'This gem of a record' The Beat (USA)

'A fitting memorial to this lost age...The Tempos' period charm lives on and they remain vital listening for anyone interested in African musical history' Q magazine

'The RetroAfric label was set up as a vehicle for launching ET Mensah's 'All For You'. The successful response encouraged the label to pursue a program of reissuing recordings by various African artists from the '50s to the '70'. Billboard

E.T. Mensah, the multi-instrumentalist, band- leader and undisputed King of Highlife, who sadly died in 1996 was the artist who inspired RetroAfric's mission to re-present classic tracks by Africa's masters of popular music.

The first collection, All For You, was released as a vinyl LP in 1986. Since then technology has moved on apace and the label has re-mastered the original material which is now cleaner and more splendid than ever. The album has been brought up to CD length with the addition of three previously unavailable tracks. A new catalogue number for All For You [RETRO1XCD] denotes the added value version:

E.T. Mensah & The Tempos 'All For You' (RETRO1XCD)

  1. All For You Highlife English (2.41)
  2. Nkebo Baaya Highlife Ga (2.32)
  3. Wiadazi Highlife Fante (2.30)
  4. Munsuro Highlife Fante (2.46)
  5. Nkatie Highlife Twi (2.46)
  6. Odofo Highlife Fante (2.41)
  7. Agriculture Highlife Inst. (2.36)
  8. Sunday Mirror Highlife English (2.51)
  9. Inflation Calypso Calypso English (2.31)
  10. John B Calypso Calypso Inst.(2.42)
  11. St Peter's Calypso Calypso Inst. (2.31)
  12. Donkey Calypso Calypso Inst. (2.32)
  13. Tea Samba Calypso English (2.43)
  14. Fom Fom Highlife Fante (2.43)
  15. Asembom Tie M'Ansem Highlife Inst. (2.27)
  16. Essie Nana Highlife Fante (2.34)
  17. Don't Mind Your wide (2.38)
  18. Adainkua Highlife Twi/English(2.40)
  19. Bus Conductor Samba Fante (2.37)
  20. Afi Fro Fro Highlife Fante(2.34)



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