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Super Eagles The Gambia
'Senegambian Sensation' RETRO17CD  
The original 'Mandal Ly' and more Ndagga music
The Gambian band Super Eagles were pioneers of African popular music at the end of the 1960s/start of the 70s, delivering a progressive blend of afrocuban, pop, soul, bluebeat, Congolese rumba, highlife and ndagga music. Their use of electronic equipment to express the Wolof lyrics & rhythms of original compositions laid the foundation for mbalax, which was popularised a decade later by Youssou N’Dour. During their five-year existence, the Super Eagles became one of West Africa’s best travelled bands and pan-African music heroes. RETRO17CD

The Super Eagles were: Badou Jobe (solo guitarist/bandleader), Paps Touray and Dauda Njie, aka Edu Haffner (lead vocals), Francis 'Senami' Taylor (guitar/keyboard), Modou Cham (tenor sax and congas), Oussou Njie (singer and lyricist), Charles Valentine (bass) and Malan 'Malando' Gassama (drums, percussion).}
  1. Mandal Ly (B.Jobe/F.Taylor/O.Njie) 2:55
  2. Su Nous Harit (B.Jobe/F.Taylor/O.Njie) 3:04
  3. Viva Super Eagles (B.Jobe/F.Taylor/E.Touray/M.Cham) 2:57
  4. Dohi Gudi Bahut (B.Jobe/F.Taylor/Dauda Njie) 2:55
  5. Gambia Su Nous Raew (B.Jobe/O.Njie) 3:05
  6. Aduna Poti Ndala (B.Jobe/F.Taylor/M.Cham) 2:55
  7. Love's A Real Thing (B.Jobe/E.Touray) 2:55
  8. Hey Jude (Lennon & McCartney) 3:15
  9. Gambia Zambia - African Unity (B.Jobe/O.Njie) 3:30
  10. Don't Do That To Me (B. Jobe/E.Touray) 2:50
  11. Tagu Nein Lein (B.Jobe/ M.Cham/O.Njie/Dauda Njie) 3:16
  12. Aliou Gori-Mami (B.Jobe/ F.Taylor/O.Njie) 2:38
  13. False Love (B. Jobe/ E.Touray) 3:15
  14. Gail Gain Chi Rabi (Trad/arr.B.Jobe/F.Taylor) 3:05
  15. Bada Tourey (O.Njie/F.Taylor) 3:08
  16. Dauda Sarge (B.Jobe/F.Taylor/O.Njie) 3:06

Badou Jobe(right)
and Francis Taylor


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