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Guy Warren Ghana
'The Divine Drummer' (RETRO16CD)  

'A strange, idiosyncratic and thoroughly wonderful album from one of the great pioneers of African and American music. . . Simply as a drummer Warren/Ghanaba makes ordinary jazzmen sound pretty wispy.

His are fertile rhythms in themselves. They are music, not backing, not rhythm track, but the starting point for a spiritual and musical feast, from a man not afraid to be himself. Freedom lovers step this way.'
fRoots magazine


Guy Warren, the Ghanaian drummer also known as Kofi Ghanaba, is a unique and radical figure in African music. A founding member of the legendary Tempos highlife band in the 1940s, he was also the first African drummer to play with jazz musicians in America. He jammed with Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Thelonius Monk and joined Lester Young and the Sarah Vaughan Trio in the Birdland All-Stars. His solo albums sold in millions in America in the late 1950s and 60s.

By the end of the 1960s, Warren had changed his name to Kofi Ghanaba, meaning 'son of Ghana'. He embraced Buddhism and began to experiment with new forms of music. On some tracks the accent is American but the music is essentially 'African'. As ever, the Divine Drummer was way ahead of his time.

Guy Warren 'The Divine Drummer' (RETRO16CD)

  1. One World [with The Gourd Drummers of Benin] 5:12
  2. An Uprising Somewhere in Africa 3:33
  3. Freedom Dance 4:39
  4. I'm Going to Kiss my Chickadee's Neck 4:16
  5. African Jazz Dance No2 1:36
  6. African Jazz Dance No6 [Drums of Northern Ghana] 2:51
  7. Ugandan Flute and Drums 3:42
  8. One Step African Ragtime 4:38
  9. Self Portrait 1969 5:28
  10. Keep Cool You Fool [Don't Lose Your Cool] 3:01
  11. Floating Rhythms 4:19
  12. Flute and Voice Duet 3:33
  13. Indigo Turning Black Blues 8:22
  14. Space Music For Piano 5:30
  15. Gye Nyame (Unless God) 1:42



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