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Thu Zahina D. Rep. Congo
'Coup de Chapeau' (RETRO14CD)  
The new wave hits Kinshasa 1969-74.

'Exuberant singing and a rawness of guitar and percussion that rings with the excitement of these new generation rumba rebels' Q Magazine

'Thanks to RetroAfric, who have unearthed and compiled this fat album of living history... Stinging, soaring guitars, divine harmonies, a general thrust that would move mountains. Not just a musical enigma revealed; this is the real thing' Folk Roots


The new wave which swept over Kinshasa's music scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s went on to flood the whole of Africa with the style of guitar music now known as soukous. Between the era of the great orchestras and the new wave bands of the Zaiko Langa Langa family existed a pivotal group whose influence is legendary, yet whose pioneering work has hardly ever been available outside Congo. Thu Zahina was the group responsible for that upsurge and here are eleven outstanding hits which proivide the missing link between the classic 'Congo music' and the new rumba. This is rumba on the cusp, as the stately orchestration of the big band style is infiltrated by the raw groove of roots and funk, before being overwhelmed by an orgy of guitar licks.

Thu Zahina 'Coup de Chapeau' (RETRO14CD)

  1. Seko Silibanda (6.03)
  2. Lokoko (3.41)
  3. Yoyyou Nabosana Numero (5.20)
  4. Mea Culpa Tshama Pepe (4.09)
  5. Diyoyo (4.16)
  6. Est ce que Olingi Ngai? (5.43)
  7. Alice Motema (4.38)
  8. Princessia (5.09)
  9. Sanga Mbele Mbele (4.26)
  10. La Mama La Preferée (6.02)
  11. Coup de Chapeau (5.00)


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