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King Bruce & The Black Beats GHANA
'Golden Highlife Classics' (RETRO13CD)  
15 memorable tracks from the 1950s and 1960s.

'Boy those days really were golden if you judge them by the warm and affectionate glow that emanates from this music. Their swing and jazz-influenced highlife is very 'Chugga Chugga' The Beat (USA)

'Bruce formed the BBs in 1952, fronting a guitar/bass/drums combo with a luxurious spread of horns that now have all the acoustic properties of a Thirties 78, a vintage crispness that's no bad thing when you're whirling around to such quaint confections today' Q Magazine

The anniversary of Ghana's Independence in March 1957 marked 40 years of African autonomy. To acknowledge that auspicious occasion RetroAfric released a nostalgic collection by the dance band supremos King Bruce and The Black Beats, titled Golden Highlife Classics [RETRO13CD]. The album features 15 memorable tracks from the 1950s and 1960s.

King Bruce & The Black Beats
Golden Highlife Classics (RETRO13CD)
  1. Srotoi Ye Mii (2.42)
  2. Medahao Mao (3.09)
  3. Enya Wo Do Fo (3.04)
  4. Misumo Bo Tamo She (2.55)
  5. Mikuu Mise Mbaa Don (2.52)
  6. Anuatra Hrebil (2.52)
  7. Aban Kaba (2.53)
  8. Nantsew Yie (3.00)
  9. Abasi Do (2.50) Odor Fofor (2.59)
  10. Suumo Gboo Ke Moo Shi (3.04)
  11. Dear St Abotar (3.02)
  12. Agodzi (2.58)
  13. Won Ma Mewnka (2.45)
  14. The Queen's Visit (2.49)


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