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'Zanzibar' (RETRO12CD)  
The Venerable Queen of Taarab and Unyago.

'Her name in East Africa is synonymous with taarab and she is considered its most influential exponent. A living, legend, her name goes before her' Folk Roots

'Fatuma Bi Kidude is still going strong. Like many elderly African women, the wrinkles of age are slight and her bird-like figure becomes animated with the rhythms of her music' The Guardian

Bi Kidude has stirred up the world of taarab like nobody else. The 'LittleGranny' from Zanzibar has been singing since the 1920s but her current style shows the modern face of this elegant, formal music which will captivate anyone with an ear for the unexpected.

'Zanzibar' is Bi Kidude's debut solo album. Her deep, bluesy voice, sometimes mournful and sometimes celebratory,complements the delicate tones of taarab instrumentation and the big band sound of a 'danzi' band. Her 'Unyago' drumming is a dramatic revelation.

Bi Kidude 'Zanzibar' (RETRO12CD)
  1. Bomwanzani Wa Mahaba
    [with Twinkling Stars] 10.02
  2. Machozi Ya Huba
    [with Twinkling Stars] 6.57
  3. Unyago(A)
    [with Unyago troupe] 6.30
  4. Muhogo Wa Jang'ombe
    [with Twinkling Stars] 4.36
  5. Arebaba Pakistan
    [with Twinkling Stars] 4.52
  6. Unyago(B)
    [with Twinkling Stars] 2.39
  7. Arebaba Pakistan
    [with Taarab All Stars] 6.32
  8. Muhogo Wa Jang'ombe
    [with Shikamoo Jazz & Twinkling Stars] 7.11
  9. Beru
    [with Shikamoo Jazz] 7.49
  10. Kijiti
    [with Shikamoo Jazz] 6.46


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