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'African Cavalcade' (RETRO11CD) [few remaining copies]  
The Glory Days of African Music.

'RetroAfric celebrate 10 years of journeying through the African music archives with an excellent mid-price selection of its catalogue highlights. The much prasied Ry-Co Jazz contribute the previously unreissued Maria Mi Amor' Q Magazine

'They are all glorious in their grooviness...A fine compression of an era' The Beat (USA)

The RetroAfric mid-price compilation African Cavalcade [RETRO11CD] provides a comprehensive taster of classic African pop including many of the pioneer artistes who broke free of national, ethnic or linguistic constraints to establish pan-African reputations. Not just for nostalgists, African Cavalcade includes some forgotten classics and a few surprises. Here can be found the roots of much contemporary action - with the emphasis on dance, romance, ambience and some of the cleanest-cut guitar picking to come out of Africa.

Various Artists 'African Cavalcade' (RETRO11CD)

  1. Franco & OK Jazz Merengue (3.02)
  2. Ry-Co Jazz Maria Mi Amor (3.39)
  3. ET Mensah Daavi Loloto (3.24)
  4. Fundi Konde Ajali Haikingiti (3.56)
  5. Alick Nkahta Chiperoni (2.44)
  6. ET Mensah Nkebo Baaya (2.33)
  7. Fundi Konde Kipenzi Waniua Ua (2.40)
  8. Henri Bowane Marie Louise (6.28)
  9. Ry-Co Jazz Bana Ry-Co (1.59)
  10. Mose Fan Fan Serge (4.54)
  11. Shikamoo Jazz Eva 6.53)
  12. Bi Kidude Beru (7.48)
  13. Mose Fan Fan Suki Pembe Somo Somo (9.10)
  14. Zaiko Langa Langa Zaiko Wa Wa (8.33)


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